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New Push to Help Mental Health Patients Determine Their Treatment in Emergencies

December 11, 2018

Promise Resource Network peer support specialist Princess Harris walks Bill W. through the process of creating a psychiatric advance directive in her Charlotte office. Photo credit: Rose Hoban With passage of a bill last summer, more mental health treatment providers are helping their clients fill out psychiatric advance directives. Bill W was looking to change more »

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A Veteran and His Dog: A Story of Mental Health Recovery

Quinn, a 4-year-old boxer goes everywhere with Billy DeWalt, keeping him safe, providing him with alerts, acting as a companion and helping him with PTSD. On Saturday mornings, Billy DeWalt stretches for a workout class at Neuse River Crossfit while his dog, Quinn, sits patiently watching. There are other adaptive athletes in the room. A more »

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How To Be Supportive Of Your Partner With Mental Illness

Being in a relationship with someone you love can be beautiful. It can also be difficult, as you face the hurdles of everyday life. But if your partner struggles with mental illness, those issues can become much more intense for both of you. Understanding the needs of someone with mental illness is challenging. And you more »

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NAMI Excited With New Opportunities To Improve Medicaid Mental Health Care

Secretary Alex Azar, U.S. Health & Human Services, announced that the Administration will allow states to apply for Medicaid waivers to pay for mental health treatment in inpatient settings known as IMDs, or institutions of mental disease.  Historically, Medicaid has not paid for treatment in these settings for most adults. While this policy was intended to more »

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Virtual reality therapy has real-life benefits for some mental disorders

November 13, 2018

Edwin adjusted his headset and gripped the game controller in both hands. He swallowed hard. The man had good reason to be nervous. He was about to enter a virtual environment tailor-made to get his heart pumping way more than any action-packed video game: a coffee shop full of people. Determined to overcome his persistent more »

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