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Virtual reality therapy has real-life benefits for some mental disorders

November 13, 2018

Edwin adjusted his headset and gripped the game controller in both hands. He swallowed hard. The man had good reason to be nervous. He was about to enter a virtual environment tailor-made to get his heart pumping way more than any action-packed video game: a coffee shop full of people. Determined to overcome his persistent more »

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Governor Proposes Mental Health, Housing Funds in Florence Relief Budget

Local fishermen in Carteret Conty used their boats to rescue neighbors from flooded houses. People in southern Carteret County said the waters that inundated the area were higher even than during Hurricane Hazel in 1954. For many people, the experience was terrifying. Photo courtesy: Glenn Skinner Cooper recommended a $1.5 billion relief package. Legislators will more »

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The Top Five Things To Know About Buying Health Insurance

Did you know it’s time to sign up for health coverage for 2019? If you need health insurance, you can enroll at HealthCare.Gov. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is still the law and ensures that health coverage is available for those who need it. Here are the top things you need to know: Comprehensive coverage more »

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Facing Discrimination While Advocating

I take my mental health advocacy very seriously. I know firsthand how important progress towards acceptance is. Unfortunately, I also know how it feels to be discriminated against both for my mental illness and as an advocate: miserable, threatened, defeated, paranoid, or that I shouldn’t be advocating at all. Just a series of nasty remarks more »

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Safe & Affordable Housing in NC

October 23, 2018

Having a safe and affordable place to live is vital to health, wellness, and, quality of life. Stable housing provides the foundation for each of us to learn, live, work, and play in our communities. Often, people need help to select, obtain, and keep homes of their own. Permanent Supportive Housing programs pair supportive services more »

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