NAMI NC Policy Position Statements

NC Death by Distribution Bill (HB474/SB375)

Excerpt: We understand the need to reduce deaths by overdose and get people into evidence-based rehabilitation care.  Contrary to HB 474, however, we advocate for rehabilitative, therapeutic jurisprudence in addressing this crisis and support laws that help those who need help.  Our proposed therapeutic and medical response to persons who violate the law while in their addiction, does not negate the fact that there will be times when retributive and legal sanctions are warranted.  However, HB474 leads us down the path of criminalizing addiction and undermines recovery…Many street level “drug dealers,” who the bill infers are the target, are suffering from substance use disorders or addictions and are selling drugs to their friends or others as a means to get money to support their drug habit. By adding the threat of life-imprisonment, this law would force friends and family members of someone facing an overdose to choose between letting the family member die and voluntarily sending themselves to prison for a transaction which simply is not a criminal priority.

Feedback on DHHS Tailored Plan Care Management Strategy 

Excerpt: Clearly, we (consumers of the system (beneficiaries), providers, and advocates) are in for yet another huge change.  Beneficiaries will once again experience change in their providers of care management, may simply have it for the first time, or may have a challenge depending on where they live, accessing a care manager.  And because it is not spelled out or clear what the role of the LME/MCOs will be beyond the first four years, there may be even further disruptions in the system that are unspecified and unintended consequences as far as beneficiaries are concerned.  Much consideration needs to be given to how to minimize the causing unintended consequences caused by disruptions in the system beyond the four years.  In other words—if all things fall apart—what is the backup plan or what will be the safety net? NAMI NC appreciates the opportunity to share our feedback and look forward to continuing to assist as much as possible in the continued design, future implementation and evaluation of the BH and I/DD Tailored Plans roll out.