Dempris Gasque

Dempris Gasque
Member of NAMI Cumberland, Harnett, Lee Counties
Term: 2020-2023

Having been diagnosed with mental illness in 2018, Gasque sought to seek help and found it in his local Cumberland, Harnett, and Lee Counties affiliate  (CHL). Since joining NAMI CHL in February of 2019, Dempris Gasque has participated in the Inclusion fashion show, facilitated CIT trainings, led the NAMIWalks as the local affiliate team captain, sat on several panels, and is now a CIT International member.

He is currently finishing his M.Ed. in Higher Education and strives to end systemic racism while advocating for mental wellness. Gasque also co-hosts a radio show on WIDU Radio and serves as the Strategic Planning Coordinator. Hoping to inspire others having overcome discrimination, Gasque launched Gasque & Co LLC. to continue to raise awareness with various workshops, seminars, and events that integrate mental wellness practices.

The Certified Business Consultant, seeking to better understand the psychology of business leadership, is also a PowerMBA student and strives to teach working professionals how to develop an organizational culture and ecosystem that considers the long-term effects of mental wellness.

For further information, Mr. Gasque can be contacted directly at