Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Deadline By Which We Need To Complete Standards Of Excellence?

Affiliates should begin work on Standards of Excellence at their earliest opportunity to ensure a sufficient amount of time to complete the process. Please review the Re-affiliation Timeline for affiliate deadlines. NAMI National has set the deadline of December 31, 2018, for all affiliates packets to be submitted to NAMI National for endorsement

Where Do We Submit Our Documentation?

Each affiliate will have a NAMI Profile Center account on which to upload documents.  The account is password-protected, enables you to create folders for better organization, and provides a means for NAMI North Carolina and NAMI National to review your documentation.

What Happens Once Our Affiliate Has Satisfied Standards of Excellence Documentation Requirements?

The NAMI North Carolina Board of Directors will hold an endorsement vote for your Affiliate.  Once you are endorsed by the NAMI North Carolina Board of Directors, you will receive a Letter of Endorsement that you will need to post onto your Profile Center account.

Once you are endorsed as an affiliate by the NAMI NC Board of Directors, your re-affiliation materials will then be submitted to NAMI National for endorsement.

When NAMI National approves your affiliate for re-affiliation, a letter of endorsement from NAMI National will be uploaded in your affiliate’s Profile Center account.

After We Are Re-affiliated By NAMI, Will We Need To Submit Additional Documentation?

NAMI has not officially released information regarding the maintenance aspect of Standards of Excellence once an affiliate is re-affiliated.  That being said, the Standards of Excellence are intended as long-term operational goals on all levels of the NAMI organization.  Therefore, NAMI affiliates will be expected to uphold these Standards moving forward.

This does not mean, however, that you will have to go through the entire Standards of Excellence process regularly.  Many of the documents you submit will not need to be re-submitted unless you have made changes to them or you have produced new documentation (for example, Board Meeting Minutes, Newsletters, IRS 990 Forms, etc.).

If my affiliate has a revenue of less than $50,000, am I still required to complete a Financial Audit?

No, you are required to submit a letter indicating that you have received a Financial Compilation from a CPA. This document includes frequently asked questions regarding financial reviews, as well as suggestions for how to receive Pro Bono assistance. This document is a sample financial compilation review letter.

Are we required to upload the entire copy of the insurance policy for Re-affiliation?

No. You only need to upload the “Summary Page” that indicates proof of insurance coverage.

Is there a minimum coverage amount required for liability insurance and D&O insurance?

There is not a minimum coverage amount. The expectation is that you should have insurance appropriate to your core activities and should meet any state requirements for liability coverage. 

Do you have a sample of the attorney letter needed for legal review at this time?

Yes! See here.

Can we treat all members of the household as individual members for voting?

No. Per NAMI National Standards, household membership has one vote. See FAQ regarding membership questions. 


With additional questions, please contact Vanessa Collier-Robinson, Affiliate & Outreach Specialist, at