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Interested in volunteering? Volunteering with NAMI NC is a great way to gain experience in the nonprofit field and give back to your community.

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Study Opportunities! 

What Now Project:

My name is Rebekah Zincavage and I am a research scientist at New England Research Institutes in Watertown. We are working on a project funded by the National Institute of Mental Health to develop an innovative educational web-based support for family members of individuals with schizophrenia. As part of this, we have heard directly from family members of individuals with schizophrenia at each stage of the development. We have finished the What Now Project prototype and are looking for people to participate in online surveys and or focus groups to help us understand what we got right and how we can further improve the website. NAMIMASS has been very supportive of our project and we would also like to reach out to folks from other geographic areas.

Please note that individuals will receive up to $100 in Amazon gift cards for participating.

If you are interested, please contact:, 617-972-3002.

Paid Family and Medical Leave and Disability Study:

We are inviting people who live in California, New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina to participate in a study on paid family and medical leave and disability. The goal of the study is to look at how workers with disabilities and families that include people with disabilities use, need and can benefit from paid family and medical leave programs. These are programs that allow people to take time off from work and receive full or partial pay to welcome a new child or new baby, to address their own serious medical condition, or to care for a family member experiencing a serious medical condition.

To participate, you must have worked in California, New Jersey, New York, or North Carolina in the past 2 years and be a worker with a disability aged 18 or older, a worker who is raising a child with a disability, or a worker who provides primary and frequent support to an adult family member with a disability.

The study will involve an initial screening call or email, and, if eligible, an interview by video conferencing or phone that will take approximately 40 minutes. Reasonable accommodations will be provided on request. Participants who complete the interview will receive a $20 gift card in thanks. Learn more HERE.

Don’t forget to reach out to your local NAMI to see how you can get involved at the local level as well.