Joanna Bowen


I am an attorney, a mental health supporter and a career advocate of under-served populations.  Residing in Chapel Hill, I serve as director on both the NAMI Orange County and NAMI North Carolina boards.   A graduate of Pace University School of Law and admitted in New York, Connecticut and North Carolina, I practiced law in multiple Connecticut firms in general practice and litigation.

I found NAMI through Family to Family in 2006 and have been a devoted NAMI member and supporter ever since.  I have taught NAMI Basics, Parents and Teachers as Allies, currently lead a family support group, answer a NAMI info line, serve as President of NAMI Orange County NC, serve on multiple committees for NAMI NC, and generally work to educate others about mental health any way that I can.  

I advocate for policies that support mental health awareness and access for all to mental health services, beginning in early childhood and continuing through the lifespan.  We need policies that halt discrimination against individuals living with mental illness and that enable everyone to engage fully in their lives at home and in their communities.    

Today, mental health is a local issue, it is a state issue, and it is a federal issue.  Mental healthcare gets my vote!