Lucy Wilmer


Member, NAMI Pitt
Term: 2015-2018

Lucy Wilmer is a mental health advocate, and freelance communications consultant, living in Washington, North Carolina.  She is the Chair of the NAMI North Carolina Peer Leadership Council, and she serves on the executive committee within the state Board of Directors.  Lucy has a master’s degree in English (concentrated in Technical and Professional Communication); she is a member of the Trillium Health Resources CFAC committee, and she has volunteered extensively, for various behavioral health related non-profit organizations, revising their training and program manuals, as well as presenting curriculum programs for various anti-stigma campaigns geared specifically for youth(s).  Lucy’s special interests lie in media and mental health, medical rhetoric(s), specifically rhetoric(s) of disability/ies and mental health, suicide awareness and prevention, and considerations of mental health and wellness within higher education settings.