Marilyn Lundin


Marilyn J. Lundin, MSW, LCSW (ret)

Member, NAMI Johnston County, NC

Term: 2019-2022

Reach Marilyn at

Marilyn has all her bases covered in NAMI. She is a Peer some 30 years into her recovery, a Family
Member and a retired Provider.

Marilyn’s journey with NAMI began some 30 years ago while living in Maryland and working at Second
Genesis, a Bethesda based drug rehabilitation center.

It was some 20 years ago as a student at UNC Chapel Hill that Marilyn and NAMI became partners. As a
graduate student in Social Work at UNC Chapel Hill, Marilyn received the Robert E. Bryan Fellowship
Award based on her passion to open a NAMI affiliate in Johnston County, NC. Marilyn took that three
thousand dollar award and opened NAMI Johnston County on June 10, 2007.

Besides being the founder and first President of NAMI Johnston County, NC, Marilyn also teaches NAMI
Basic, NAMI Family to Family, NAMI Peer to Peer, and NAMI Provider. Marilyn also facilitates NAMI
Connection and NAMI Family Support. She is also a certified presenter of NAMI Smarts, NAMI In Our
Own Voice and NAMI Family and Friends.

Marilyn is first and foremost all about grassroots NAMI and taking care of our Peers and their Loved
Ones. Due to this devotion to NAMI’s core beliefs, Marilyn received the NAMI North Carolina
President’s Award at the 2011 State Conference.