Barbara Beirne James

Enhanced Primary Care for SMI Patients: Whole Health, Wellness and Integrated Care Coordination

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Barbara Beirne James, MSW, LCSW, LCAS Program Manager UNC WakeBrook Primary Care Clinic Integrated Care

Barbara Beirne James LCSW , LCAS currently is Program Manager for the UNC Wake brook Primary Clinic SAMSHA -HRSA grant team. Prior to moving to UNC Wake brook Barbara worked for CCNC as Program Manager for their Living Healthy Programs for the CCWJC network.

This presentation provides an overview of the UNC Wake brook Primary Clinic SAMSHA -HRSA grant team a 4 year grant program targeted to develop new creative interventions to better integrate whole health physical and mental health care for SPMI patient populations. The goal of the project is to improve the physical health status of adults with serious mental illnesses and those with co-occurring substance use disorders who have or are at risk for co-morbid physical health conditions and chronic diseases.

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will define the components of the Enhanced Primary Care model of Care developed at Wakebrook – Why is this important for 360 wellness ?
  • Attendees will identify Evidenced Based Interventions designed for the SPMI population around 360 Wellness used at UNC Wakebrook proven to enhance the overall wellness of our patients
  • Attendees will identify and define the Integrative team roles and responsibilities that support the Enhanced Integrative Primary Care model of care.