Christopher M. Fink

A Parent’s Resource To Their Child’s Wellness & Independence

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Christopher M. Fink, CMC (Certified Management Consultant), President-FinkWorks, Inc, Family-to-Family graduate and Father

Chris Fink is a father of a 29-year son old diagnosed schizo-affective. As a business-owner and management consultant to Fortune 500 companies for over 25-years, Chris is a highly-experienced strategist, problem solver and business process expert. Yet the journey from his son’s first-onset psychosis to supported independent living has been tougher than any professional challenge Chris ever faced. Now, with seven years-experience working through all-aspects of the health care system, private-public support agencies, schools and universities, housing, attorney, courts, guardianship and law enforcement, Chris has garnered numerous insights, lessons-learned and wisdom to offer families navigating a similar life journey hoping to achieve wellness and independence for their loved one.

First-onset psychosis begins a frightening, confusing and costly journey: from your child’s treatment through recovery and resuming (or achieving) wellness and independence. This workshop distills Chris’s seven-year’s insight and experience to provide other parents practical guidance to support, advocate and succeed while avoiding heartache and pitfalls along the journey.

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will learn how to create a HIPAA-compliant system to stay fully informed about an adult child’s mental health situation.
  • Attendees will explore how to structure a child’s financial independence to maximize eligibility for public mental health services.
  • Attendees will describe how to advocate for a child’s access to the vital resources needed for success today and over the long term.