Chuck Johnson, Jackie Willingham, Becky Zogri, Stephanie Pollard, & Ashley Campbell

Keeping Individuals with Mental Illness out of Jail – One County’s Solution

Chuck Johnson, Executive Director, ReEntry, Inc. Pretrial Services

Chuck Johnson has a AA and a BA in Psychology degree.  He has worked in the criminal justice system since 1991 and before that worked at Dorothea Dix in the long-term adolescent units.  He is the founder of the NC Pretrial Services Association and is currently the Legislative Liaison for the NC Pretrial Association.  He is the Executive Director of ReEntry, Incorporated, a non-profit that serves the Wake County Court System. 

Jackie Willingham, Wake County Public Defender



Stephanie Pollard, Court Liaison, Alliance Behavioral Healthcare

Stephanie Pollard has been employed as the Court Liaison in Wake County for Alliance Behavioral Healthcare since September of 2014, covering both the juvenile court and adult court systems. Prior to that, Stephanie worked for the Department of Public Safety – Division of Adult Corrections and Juvenile Justice as a Juvenile Court Counselor in Wake, Greene, Lenoir, Wayne, and Mecklenburg Counties. Stephanie has a total of 15 years working in the criminal justice system. Stephanie graduated from East Carolina University in 2003 with a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice.


Becky Zogri, Special Counsel, Indigent Defense

Becky Zogry is Special Counsel with the Office of Special Counsel in Raleigh.  Becky primarily represents adults and youth hospitalized facing involuntary commitment.  The majority of her career has been representing patients in this capacity, but Becky has also worked in private practice, for the state Attorney General, and the Forsyth Public Defender’s Office.  At the Attorney General’s Office, Becky represented Dorothea Dix Hospital, the Nurse Aid Registry and the Division of Child Development.  Becky received her B.S. in Psychology at North Georgia College and her J.D. from Mercer Law School.  She lives in Raleigh with her husband and two daughters.

Ashley Campbell, Alliance Jail liaison, Alliance Behavioral Healthcare

Ashley Campbell is currently the jail and shelter liaison for Alliance Behavioral Healthcare in Wake County.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist with five years of experience in mental health and substance use treatment.  Ashley graduated from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke with her bachelor degree in social work in 2013 and her master degree in social work in 2014.   She has been actively working with consumers who experience physical health, mental health or substance use needs to connect them with treatment providers and homeless resources upon release for the last two years.  This has been successful with collaboration from Wake county’s Re-Entry program, public defender’s office, district attorney’s office, department of public safety and ongoing communication with Alliance’s court liaison, Stephanie Pollard.

The Pretrial Services Program understands that a jail setting is not the ideal place for people who have mental health issues. While defendants do receive physical, medical and mental health care in the jail, the jail itself is not a therapeutic environment. When it is safe for both the defendant and the public, Pretrial Services seeks to facilitate release of the defendant into a more appropriate and therapeutic environment. In order to accomplish this, a variety of agencies collaborate to ensure a successful end result.  This panel discussion highlights the collaborative work being accomplished with various agencies in Wake County to reduce the number of individuals with mental illness in jail and ways to assist with criminal charges when police have been called. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will expand their knowledge of arrest and pretrial release procedures in Wake County.
  • Attendees will understand who to contact when a loved one with mental health issues is arrested.
  • Attendees will examine criminal justice resources for the mentally ill in Wake County.