Madeline E. Jaekle

Lost In Translation: Communicating Psychosis to Navigate Crisis

Madeline E Jaekle, Doctoral student in Psychiatric Rehabilitation; Founder Madhouse Innovations

Madeline Jaekle is an author, advocate, peer, comedienne, and dog enthusiast operating out of Greensboro, North Carolina. Currently Ms Jaekle is pursuing her Doctoral studies in Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Rutgers University’s School of Health Professions with plans to specialize in adolescent treatment, community integration, and self-management activation. To keep up to date with Ms Jaekle’s ongoing projects and initiatives, visit Ms Jaekle’s company, Madhouse Innovations online, MadhouseInnovations on Facebook, or on Linkedin.

What would happen if we discovered a ‘Rosetta Stone’ for interpreting the language of psychosis or better yet an instructional manual to communicating in crisis? Join us for an experiential presentation, where we will use real life ‘translations’ and interactive role play to evaluate the ‘language of psychosis’ and the ways in which participants can prepare themselves to be a benevolent bilingual translator when crisis strikes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will articulate key concepts related to crisis communication and demonstrate such comprehension through accurately summarizing or discussing the unique and personal impact of language and communication as it relates to a mental health crisis.
  • Attendees will explain ways in which the language of psychosis and/or crisis communication can adversely impact the severity of a crisis and/or the effectiveness of treatment
  • Attendees will discover the strategies needed to enhance a participant’s future capacity to successfully navigate and/or manage instances of crisis communication and the language of psychosis.