NAMIWalks Participant Tool Kit

NAMIWalks has always been about bringing a community together to rally around mental health–building awareness, stomping stigma, and raising resources to help this cause. This year, with virtual NAMIWalks Your Way, we are going to be connecting socially while we distance physically.

NAMIWalks North Carolina culminates on May 30th for a National Day of Hope.  NAMI NC is hoping to build excitement now and throughout May, which is National Mental Health Awareness month. Below are some tools and ideas you can use for your own awareness and fundraising campaigns.  If you have any videos or pictures that you create before May 20th, we encourage you to share them with us at – we may use them in our statewide efforts.  Check out our Training Challenge here.

NAMIWalks NC 2020 Mental Health for AllSIGN, SIGN, EVERYWHERE A SIGN

Make a sign. Take your picture with a sign.  Post the sign on your social media account.  Post a sign in car window.  Wear a sign.  The choice is yours – here are some sign templates for you to use.


Express yourself with a short video with or without your sign.  Here are some video tips!


There are many ways to engage on the National Day of Hope – and BEFORE!  Click here for suggestions, ideas, and important tips!


Using social media is a GREAT way to get your message out to more people, to raise awareness about mental health and NAMI, and to raise money toward your NAMIWalks Your Way fundraising goal. Social media simply gives you one more way to connect with people.

Now is the time to GET ACTIVE on your social media accounts!

  • Here is a Social Media Guide with more information on social media, what to post, & hashtag information.
  • Use our social media images here to get started.
  • Link every post to YOUR personal NAMIWalks page!! (just copy the URL and paste into your post)
  • Encourage followers to engage: to like, comment and share your posts.
  • Promote these hashtags: #NAMIWalksNC  – #NotAlone – #MentalHealthForAll

Below are additional images you can use in your awareness efforts! Simply right click on the image, save to your device and then upload to your Facebook page for your cover photo or for other uses.

(Perfect size for your Facebook cover photo!)

nami NC walks 2020 walk your way NAMIWalks NC 2020 Mental Health for All


Remember – There are many ways to engage on the National Day of Hope – and BEFORE!  Click here for suggestions, ideas and important tips!

#NAMIWalksNC  #MentalHealthForAll #NotAlone