Walk FAQ


What is NAMIWalks Your Way?

NAMIWalks North Carolina has been an annual event that through fundraising and awareness plays a vital role in our ability to improve the lives of North Carolinians affected by mental illness.   This year, NAMIWalks NC is now a virtual experience being joined by over 30 other NAMIWalks across the country. NAMIWalks Your Way means what it sounds like: you get to make NAMIWalks your own. You can walk a 5K  or do something else meaningful and fun.  The culmination of NAMIWalks NC this year will be May 30, 2020, but really the event itself has already started, many have already registered and begun fundraising efforts as well.

Will I have to travel to participate in the Walk?

Not to a central location as in the past, but outside of that, this year, the choice is up to you.  Walk your way, any way you can, whenever you can! Where will you walk? You could walk in the park, dress up as your favorite superhero and walk around the neighborhood, walk inside on your treadmill… the possibilities are virtually endless!

Do I have to register for the Walk?

Yes, you can register for free online!

If I’ve already registered, do I need to register again?

No! If you’ve already registered for the walk, you’re all set. Check out our Participant Tool Kit to for helpful tips and tools for your Walk experience.


Can I still earn fundraising recognition gifts?

Yes!  Here is a link to the various recognition gifts you can earn.


When is the Walk?

The culmination of NAMIWalks NC this year will be May 30, 2020, but really the event itself has already started.  We already have over 60 teams formed and over 250 participants that have started their fundraising and awareness campaigns.  So register today!  Want to be part of a team, but not sure which team to join? Join the V-Team!


What is the V-Team?
The V-Team (Virtual, Vonderful, and Very Amazing) is a team made up of individual walkers who were not previously recruited to join a particular team, but like the idea of joining in with a group of other would-be individual walkers.  This will allow individual participants to join in the fun team activities, because now they belong to a team! Feel like joining a walk team but don’t have a team in mind? Join the V-Team!


Do I have to join a team?

No, not at all. Individual, unaffiliated Walkers are welcome.  Just sign up as a Walker, not on a team.


What are these special activities that you are talking about?

We are working on many things to help uplift our community in this stressful time.  We are planning to have multiple contests recognizing the most creative ideas, not only about fundraising, but, equally important, about generating awareness during training, Mental Health Awareness month, and WalkDay.  So it’s never too early to start planning and posting your activities on social media.


What do you mean “Training for the Walk?”

While not a requirement, like you might for any 5K or Walk event, you may find it a good idea or even therapeutic to train by walking during the weeks leading up to Virtual Walk Day on May 30th. We want to see your training routine every step of the way. Whether you are walking in the park or rollerblading through your neighborhood, when you share your training activities on social media, you are also spreading mental health awareness! For the Challenge you can also make a sign or video showing why you are Walking.  Use #NAMIWalksNC in your posts!


I’m not active on Social Media, can I still join in the fun and help with awareness as I “train”?

Yes!  Send your inspirations, pictures, videos, or stories to marcom@naminc.org – we can post on our pages with or without your name included.


North Carolina has a Stay-at-Home order.  Don’t I have to walk in my house?

No, the order says outdoor activity like walking, hiking, running, biking at parks and other places is exempt from the order.  You do need to maintain physical distance from others.


What are some of the other ways that people are planning to participate?
Anything, really! Here are some ideas:

  • Walk 3,500 steps for a 5K your way
  • Plan a craft day with your kids – you can make some signs to promotion Mental Health
  • Hold a virtual bake-off with your walk team
  • Practice self-care with your favorite hobby: yoga, gardening, knitting
  • Do a 5K on your treadmill or stationary bike


Ok, I’ve signed up – Now what?

Check out our Participant Tool Kit for some creative ways to bolster your awareness and fundraising efforts!


What are some ways to fundraise?

There are many!  Here are a “few” to put the Fun in Fundraising…

Ways to Add Fun to Fundraising Guide


Can I bring my dog to the Walk?  How about my pet hamster?

That’s up to you-it’s Walk Your Way!  (Hamsters would be great – they usually have a built-in treadwheel in their cages:-)


Are bikes permitted during NAMIWalks?

This year it’s Walk your Way and if that includes your Bike or your Trike – so be it!


I have more questions, who can I contact?

Send your questions to events@naminc.org or call 919.788.0801