Psychiatric Advance Directives

Do you want more say in your mental health treatment? Would you or your loved one like to be better prepared for a mental health crisis in the future? NAMI North Carolina supports the efforts to increase public awareness of Psychiatric Advance Directives (PADs), and is a leader in encouraging the development of PADs as a tool of self-advocacy and effective crisis planning.

A Psychiatric Advance Directive is a legal document that tells treatment providers your preferences for treatment in a mental health crisis. You can give consent for or decline specific future psychiatric treatment, AND/OR authorize a trusted person to make treatment decisions in a crisis, based on your written preferences (also called health care power of attorney or health care agent). If you are in a psychiatric crisis and in a state of mind where you cannot speak for yourself or communicate treatment decisions, the crisis treatment provider can activate your PAD.

Want to learn more? Click here to access a printable FAQ about PADs or contact Betty Rowland.

Informational Links:

Crisis Navigation Project
This site gives information on resources and educational information about PADs; the forms are available here too.
This is a collaborative project to promote the use of psychiatric advance directives, based at the NC Evidence Based Practices Center at Southern Regional AHEC, in affiliation with Duke University Medical Center, and in partnership with NAMI NC, with funding from the Duke Endowment.

National Resource Center for Psychiatric Advance Directives

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Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law