Thursdays with NAMI

Thursdays with NAMI is a unique way of building conversations – and building community—around mental health. These weekly video sessions cover a wide range of topics from diagnosis to recovery and everything in between. Various guests and program host Peg Morrison share insights based on their own experience, knowledge, and current trends.

Like other NAMI programs, Thursdays with NAMI can be a lifeline for people who don’t have others in their life who understand, and it’s why so many people get that feeling of connection and find hope in NAMI.

We hope you’ll join us at 7pm for this helpful and uplifting Thursday night event.



11/19 – A Discussion of Self Injury and How One Person Found Recovery

Emotions can be overwhelming. To deal with distress, some folks take comfort in a habit that others find baffling – non-suicidal self injury. Why do people hurt themselves? The urge may start with overwhelming anger, frustration, or pain. If someone doesn’t know how to deal with emotions – or had to hide them as a child – self-harm feels like a release. Afterward the body’s endorphins or pain-killing hormones can take over, lifting them out of depression or numbness. Join us for a candid conversation with survivor Bridget Davenport and clinician Vena Wilson, LCSW.

11/26 – Thanksgiving – No program 

12/3 – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: What is it, and how can families cope?

Join us for a conversation with two dynamic individuals, Myles Himmelreich and Kathy Hotelling. Myles grew up living with FASD. He was bounced around in Canada’s foster system until the age of 3, when he found his forever home with the Himmelreich family. Today he is an author and motivational speaker, and he co-led a ground-breaking study on the health and physical issues of adults living with FASD. Kathy, a licensed psychologist, is co-founder and board chair of NC Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Informed. Most importantly, she is the mother of a 26-year-old daughter with FASD. As such, Kathy has had the immense satisfaction of seeing her daughter mature and develop a full and productive life. Registration is required for this free event:

12/10 – How to Remodel a Life (after the damaging effects of mental illness and addiction)

Join us for a conversation with Hope Andersen, author of How to Remodel a Life. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Hope struggled for many years to find inner peace. Her journey led to alcoholism, pills, sexual promiscuity, turbulent relationships, and the brink of suicide. Then as she approached her 60’s, her husband had a health scare and nearly died. That crisis opened her eyes, allowing Hope to see life anew. With a fresh lease, she remodeled her life and began seeking its deeper wisdom. Ultimately, what emerged was hope.

12/17 – Men’s Mental Health: It’s time to stop saying things like “Man up”

Are men allowed to be sad? Traditionally, the ideal male is stoic and in control of his emotions. Men are less likely than women to be diagnosed with depression, yet 3.5x more likely to die by suicide, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Men who live with mental illness are less likely than women to get treatment. It’s quite possible that dated notions of masculinity make it harder for men to grapple with powerful emotions and ask for help when needed. Join us to hear the recovery stories of two individuals who have walked this walk: Dempris Gasque of Fayetteville and Quentin Spencer of Durham.

12/24 – Christmas Eve – No program 

12/31 – New Year’s Eve – No program 


Recordings of past sessions can be viewed on the NAMI North Carolina Thursdays with NAMI playlist on YouTube – linked here

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