Thursdays with NAMI

Thursdays with NAMI is a unique way of building conversations – and building community—around mental health. These weekly video sessions cover a wide range of topics from diagnosis to recovery and everything in between. Various guests and program host Peg Morrison share insights based on their own experience, knowledge, and current trends.

Like other NAMI programs, Thursdays with NAMI can be a lifeline for people who don’t have others in their life who understand, and it’s why so many people get that feeling of connection and find hope in NAMI.

We hope you’ll join us at 7pm for this helpful and uplifting Thursday night event.



9/17 – Efforts to Reduce the Rate of Veteran Suicide

North Carolina has six military bases and a statewide Governor’s Working Group focused on reducing veteran suicide. There are many, many people focusing on veteran’s mental health. Yet somehow the suicide rate increased 13% from 188 veteran suicides in 2005 to 212 in 2017, according to the 2019 National Veteran Suicide Prevention Annual Report. What’s going on, and how can we reverse that trend? Join this discussion with Atrium Health Zero Suicide Program Coordinator Kate Penny and Marine Corps Veteran and Executive/Life Coach Glenn Proctor.

9/24 – Chinese Americans and Mental Health: Model Minority Stereotypes and Other Barriers

Chinese Americans are the oldest and largest ethnic group of Asian ancestry in the United States. What kind of pressure comes with that, especially in light of the “model minority” stereotype? Join us for this discussion of Chinese American culture and mental health. Our guest, Lily Chen, is Project Director for the Clinical Scholar Leadership Development Program of the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation addressing Asian American Youth Mental Health issues. She is also a nurse educator who has taught at the University of Iowa, the University of Illinois in Chicago, and Northern Illinois University.


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