Re-affiliation Overview

See the NAMI NC Re-affiliation Timeline for a more detailed description of re-affiliation in North Carolina.

Step 1: Identify your Standards of Excellence Project Lead

The SOE Project Lead will serve as the liaison between your affiliate and NAMI North Carolina.  This individual should be someone in a leadership position who is deeply involved with affiliate operations.  Responsibilities of the SOE Project Lead may include:

  • Assembling an affiliate team to work toward satisfying the Standards of Excellence
  • Organizing team phone calls and meetings
  • Delegating related tasks appropriately
  • Tracking your affiliate’s progress throughout the process
  • Interfacing with your affiliate’s NAMI Profile Center account
  • Overseeing the collection, creation, updating, and uploading of all required SOE documentation

Step 2: Conduct your ‘Re-affiliation Informational Interview’ with NAMI North Carolina and learn about your operating model options.

Step 3: View the NAMI National Re-affiliation webinar and familiarize yourself with the documents required for re-affiliation.

Step 4: Complete and submit your Affiliate Self-Assessment (pgs 14-17) in your Affiliate Handbook to NAMI North Carolina. 

Step 5: Attend a Profile Center training (in-person or online) to learn how to upload necessary documentation for re-affiliation.

Step 6: Attend your 1:1 NAMI NC affiliate meeting to determine your level of endorsement by NAMI NC. 

Step 7: Use the Document Checklist as a guide as you collect and update information. 

Step 8: Use Affiliate templates and sample documents as references for some of the SOE requirements. 

Step 9: Upload the relevant documents to your NAMI Profile Center account. Review progress reports, making modifications to the documents and re-uploading as appropriate.

Step 10: When your affiliate is endorsed by NAMI North Carolina, upload the Letter of Endorsement onto your Profile Center account. 

Once endorsed, you will move up to the national level of the Standards of Excellence process with the goal of ultimately being offered re-affiliation by NAMI.

Thank you for committing your time and talents to uphold the NAMI mission, vision, and values with excellence!