360 Guidance

The NAMI Profile Center is the online portal where affiliates upload documents for Standards of Excellence.  It also serves as a back-up storage location for your critical documents–which can be helpful during leadership transitions and in the event that documents have been lost.  Each affiliate has its own Profile Center account on which to upload Standards of Excellence documents.  Once you upload a document to your Profile Center account, it can be reviewed and ultimately counted toward the required SOE documentation.  Affiliates receive their account log-in information directly from NAMI staff at their Profile Center training.

Profile Center Tips

  • Consider creating folders for documents you would like to group together (i.e. Newsletters, Board Meeting Minutes, etc.).
  • For Standards of Excellence purposes, only enter information into the “Shared Metrics” section and upload documents to the “Shared Documents” folder.  (We will not be able to review information or documents entered into the secured sections.)
  • Upload documents one at a time to avoid batch processing issues.
  • Identify the appropriate Standards of Excellence-related category for each document you upload.  This is one of the selections you are given as you upload a document.

Access The NAMI Profile Center Site

NAMI Profile Center Manual For Affiliates