Starting a New Affiliate


Thank you for your interest in establishing a NAMI Affiliate! We are excited about expanding NAMI’s reach to areas around North Carolina that do not currently have a NAMI presence, and we are committed to providing you with all the resources and support that you need.

What is a NAMI Affiliate?

NAMI Affiliates work for a world where all people affected by mental illness live healthy, fulfilling lives supported by a community that cares. With the support of NAMI North Carolina (NC), NAMI Affiliates provide free support groups, educational programs, and presentations for anyone affected by mental illness. They also advocate and raise awareness for mental health in their area.

*As of 2020, all new NAMI Affiliates will start as a “Model B” structure The Model B structure allows the affiliate to focus almost exclusively on programming. With this model, the new NAMI Affiliate will operate under an existing NAMI Affiliate.

Pre- Startup:

Phase 1: Inquiry

  1. Individuals interested in starting a NAMI Affiliate (NA) should learn general information about NAMI, NAMI North Carolina, and NAMI Affiliates.   
  2. Submit an Interest Form

Phase 2: Evaluation

  1. NAMI NC will review the interest form and determine the need for a new NA in the specified geographic area.
  2. NAMI NC will evaluate the local need, resources, capacity and commitment.
  3. NAMI NC will communicate its decision of approval or denial to form a new NA to the individual/group in writing.


Phase 3: Formation (For Groups/Individuals Who Have NAMI NC Approval ONLY)

Phase 4: Application Submission And Review

  • NAMI NC will verify adherence to formation requirements, document their findings in writing, and will forward to group/individual and NAMI.
  • NAMI NC’s board of directors vote to endorse the group/individual’s application and forwards the approval in writing to NAMI.

Phase 5: Approval

  • NAMI mails a welcome letter to the board approved group/individual including the instructions for completing the Affiliation with NAMI.
  • Based on the satisfactory completion of the previous step, the group/individual becomes “Model B” Affiliate.


Phase 6: Addendum

  • NAMI NC receives the “Addendum” to the State Charter for signatures.